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Description :

Trigone is a time tested natural aphrodisiac with the judicious combination of synergistically acting precious natural ingredients like Amber, Castoreum, Rumi Mostogi etc. Trigone is being used successfully to treat the patients of sexual debility, nervous debility, mental weakness, sterility & weakness of heart, brain, liver and kidney.

Each tablet contains:

Ambra grasea 38.46 mg
Orchis latifolia 38.46 mg
Alpinia galanga 38.46 mg
Castoreum 38.46 mg
Pistacia lentiscus 19.23 mg
Eugenia caryophyllus 19.23 mg


Sexual debility, nervous debility, mental weakness & weakness of heart, brain, liver and  kidney, poor immune function, biochemical imbalance, physiological dysfunction

Dosage and Administration:
1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening or 2 tablets be taken before going to bed or as directed by the physician. Dinner should be taken 2-3 hours earlier and very light, too. For optimum bioavailability and desired result, Trigone tablet may be used along with a glass of milk or 15 ml honey. If milk or honey is not available, Trigone tablet may be used with 30 ml Cinkara syrup or 20 ml Jinsant syrup or a glass of water.
Contraindication :

There is no known contraindication.

Side effect:

No significant side effect has been observed in proper dosage.


Keep out of reach of the children..

Storage :

Store at cool and dry place, protect from light.

Presentation :

Plastic container containing 10 tablets.


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