Hakim Abdul Hameed

hakim-abdul-hameedHakim Abdul Hameed
Builder of Modern Hamdard India

Attained the highest degree on Herbal from Tibbia College, Delhi. Founder Chancellor- Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University), Delhi. Chancellor- Aligarh Muslim University (India).

Chief Trustee
Hamdard Laboratories (waqf) India. Indian Institute of Islamic studies, Institute of History of Medicine and medical research, Hamdard college of Pharmacy, Hamdard Tibba college, Majee dia hospital and Rafaida School of Nursing.

Hamdard national foundation, Galib academy, Hamdard education society, Hamdard institute of Historical Research, Center for all India Unani Tibbi Conference, Central Council of Research in Unani medicine.

General Secretary
International Unani of Elementology

Chief Editor
Studies in History of Medicine and science and studies in Islam.

Honour and Awards
Ibn Sina Award 1993 (Russia), Padmashree 1965 (India), Padmabhusan 1991 (India), History D. Lit (1997) Hamdard University Karachi, Member of national academy of Science Iran (1995).

Theories and Philosophies of medicine, Philosophy and medicine and Science problem and perspective, Arab medicine and Its Related to modern medicine, Exchanges between India and central Asia in the field of medicine, Notes on Ethical basic of medicine, Earth, Element and man, At temperament in medicine, Element and medicine, Psycho somatic medicine new Guideline, Avisina trust on Cardiac Drugs and ages on Arab Cardio Therapy, The Complete Book of Home Remedies, The village Physician, Hamdard Pharmacopoeia of Eastern medicine and Karabadin-e-Hamdard.

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