Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan

Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan

Managing Director and Chief Mutawalli of Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Bangladesh
Founder of Hamdard University Bangladesh

Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan, Managing Director and chief Mutawalli of Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Bangladesh and founder of Hamdard University Bangladesh. He is the architect and innovator of modern Hamdard in Bangladesh, made a breakthrough in the history of eastern/unani medical science. He has succeeded to get the official recognition of unani medicine in Bangladesh. His utmost effort made it possible to reintroduced unani medicine as the bridge between traditional medicine and modern medicine. At present, the practitioners of modern medicine & traditional medicine prescribe unani medicine in their routine practice for the common and complicated ailments. The development of Eastern medicine during the entire 20th century owes its vitality to the three towering figures in the persons of Hakim Abdul Hameed from India, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said from Pakistan and Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan from Bangladesh.

Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan was born in 1st March 1953 in a modest family in the district Luxmipur, Bangladesh. He joined Hamdard in 1972 and took over the challenge and responsibility of Hamdard Bangladesh in 1982. He started its journey with only Tk 50,225/- as balance while Tk 2,92,000/- was in debt with 23 officers and workers. Today’s Hamdard Bangladesh and Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan are the burning example that, without having any financial support, one could make a tremendous change only by dint of strong mental determination, keen and sharp brilliancy, hard effort and deep hearted hard work.

To maintain the highest standards of herbal medicine Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan has setup Modern Factory, in sonargong, narayangonj, with modern scientific equipments, run by qualified experts. He has established Holistic Quality Management System to check every step of production & marketing, right from the procurement of raw materials, inprocess quality control, finished goods quality assurance & post delivery customer service.

To ease and ensure health service all over the country, especially for the mass people he has established medical centers all around country. At Hamdard medical centers no fees are charged to anyone for consultation, examination, tests and services. The patient only pays for medicine. Indigent patients are given all treatment and medicine free.

Now he is working mainly for materializing his cherished dream of building Hamdard Biggan Nagar (City of Science, Education & Culture)- Hamdard University Bangladesh, Hamdard Public College, Hamdard Public School, Hamdard Medical College & Hospital, Research Center, Scholars’ House, Central Library, International Conference Center, Children Park, Sports Complex, Horticulture Center, Botanical Garden at Gazaria, Munshigonj. By the Grace of Allah, the dream is taking a concrete shape. Already Hamdard University Bangladesh has started its activities with the faculties of Science & Engineering, Arts & Social Science, Business Administration and Natural Medicine.

Dr. Hakim Md. Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan relentlessly elapsed a number of sleepless nights for sake of people’s welfare, where he worked hard, taking risk of life. However he did not give up the motto, because his belief in heart that target could be achieved by hard work, perseverance, labor and practice. He has proved it by himself. He turned the Hamdard as the prominent industry from zero status by virtue of his endeavor.

He keeps himself busy with so many professional, social religious organizations, like:

  •  Founder, Hamdard University Bangladesh.
    ⦁ Founder, Hamdard Unani Medical Collage and Hospital, Bogra
    ⦁ Founder, Hakim Said Eastern Medical Collage and Hospital, Dhaka
    ⦁ Founder, Hakim Said Eastern Medical Collage and Hospital, Dhaka
    ⦁ Founder, Rowshan Jahan Eastern Medical Collage and Hospital, Lakshmipur
    ⦁ Founder, Ayesha (R.) Women’s Kamil Madrasha, Lakshmipur
    ⦁ Founder, Janakalyan Foundation, Lakshmipur
    ⦁ Founder Advisor, Sewing Centre for Distressed Women, Laksmipur
    ⦁ Founder Advisor, Ashraful Ulum Hafezia Madrasha, Lakshmipur
    ⦁ President, Unani Medicine Manufacturer’s Association, Bangladesh.
    ⦁ President, Mutually Samity, Bangladesh.
    ⦁ President, Sayedpur Girl’s High School, Sayedpur.
    ⦁ President, Aladadpur Islamia Senior Madrasa, Lakshmipur
    ⦁ Chairman, Orphanage Federation, Dhaka
    ⦁ Vice-President, Jane-Alam Sarkar Law College, Dhaka
    ⦁ Vice-President, Sir Salimullah Muslim Orphanage, Dhaka
    ⦁ Vice-Chairman, Hakim Habib-ur-Rahaman Foundation, Dhaka
    ⦁ Secretary, Zonal Committee, Development of Hamdard Bangladesh, India & Pakistan
    ⦁ Advisor, Bangladesh Homoepathic, Unani, Ayurvedic Federation
    ⦁ Advisor, Uttar Jaypur Kalyan Samity, Jaypur
    ⦁ Advisor, Chiottagong Unani Medical College, Chittagong
    ⦁ Advisor, Chandpur Unani Medical College, Chandpur
    ⦁ Advisor, Bhola Unani Medical College, Bhola
    ⦁ Advisor, Mymensing Unani Medical College, Mymensing
    ⦁ Advisor, Khulna Unani Medical College, Khulna
    ⦁ Advisor, Noakhali Unani Medical College, Noakhali
    ⦁ Advisor, Lakshmiipur Unani Medical College, Dhaka
    ⦁ Member, Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries
    ⦁ Member, Nutrition Institute Member, IFIDCs
    ⦁ Member, Managing Committee, Dattapara Degree Collage, Lakshmipur
    ⦁ Member, Bangladesh Agro-processors Association BAPA, Dhaka
    ⦁ Former President, Bangladesh Unani Medical College Student Council
    ⦁ Member, National Organizing Committee, ASOMPS (Tenth Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants, Spices and other natural products) held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 18th-23rd November, 2000. He was awarded:
    ⦁ Ibne Sina Award 2002 from the World Association of Integrated Medicine
    ⦁ Shilpacharia Zainul Abedin Gold Medal (1995)
    ⦁ Adhunik (We Prevent Smoking) Award (1997)
    ⦁ National Human Rights Journalist Organization Award (1997)
    ⦁ NASYO Award (1997)
    ⦁ Bangladesh National Literature Association Gold Medal (1993)
    ⦁ Dhaka Social and Cultural Organization Gold Medal (1995) as Unani Medicine Specialist etc.
    ⦁ City Social Welfare Organization Award (1995)
    ⦁ Al-Amin Journalist Foundation Award (2000)
    ⦁ Social and Economical Development Centre Award
    ⦁ National Social Journalist Society Award