Hakim Abdul Majeed

Hakim Abdul Majeed
Founder of Hamdard (Estd. 1906 in Delhi)

Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed was born in Pelivet of India in 1883, His father Sheikh Rahim Bakhsh. Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed learnt the full Holy Quran Sharif by heart. Then he learnt about the origin of Urdu and Persian language. After having the knowledge on language he acquired the highest degree on unani system of medicine.

Because of having the pursuit of knowledge Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed could get in touch with Hakim Zamal khan. He had a keen interest on herbs. He was famous in identifying medicinal plants. Having consultation with his wife set up an herbal shop at House Qazi in Delhi in 1906, after few days he started to product herbal medicine there. In 1920 the small herbs shops turned into a full pledged production house.

Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed dide on 22 March 1922 by 40 years. He before died, suggested his wife and offspring to waqf the Handard. His offspring are: Hamidi Begum, Hakim Abdul Hameed, Mahmuda khatun , Abdul Wahid and Hakim Mohammed Said.

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