Mrs. Rabia Begum

mrs-rabia-begumMrs. Rabia Begum
Mother of Hamdard
(Wife of Hakim Abdul Majeed)

Rabia Begum’s father was Sheikh karim Bakhsh. She was married with Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed in 1900. Rabia Begum was a real life partner. She did not have sufficient education but prssess human quality. She was a fellow-soldier for establishing Hamdard. Her elder son was 13 years and youngest 2 years when her husband died. Some covetous people were targeting Hamdard.

She strongly led Hamdard with her 13 years old son. By destroying all ill plans of devils and interest groups she turned Hamdard as a renowned institution. If she could have not led Hamdard during that hard time then Hamdard history would be something different. For this reason she was awarded as mother-e-Hamdard. By her hard labour for bringing Hakim Abdul Hameed and Hakim Mohammad Said up they became world famous herbal scientists. As per her husband’s last wish, she inspired her offspring to waqf Hamdard which made a new history in Hamdard.

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